First blog post

Hi and thank you for stopping by. I am Toni- a mom to 4 teenagers- 2 boys and 2 girls. I’m starting this blog out of outrage because we recently almost had a death in our family.

My niece who is 13 attempted suicide. Her reasons were that her mom berated her constantly about her weight. They had an argument earlier that day and she felt she could take it no longer. She’s ok, but it really shook us!

The same week, 4 other nieces and their little brother came to stay with me. I told them about my other niece and this started a conversation about what we’ve tried to achieve our goal weights.

As I’ve gotten older, I admit I do nothing and my weight doesn’t change. On a 206 lbs 5.6″ frame. Yes, I am no longer HOT, but more like a Hot mess! It’s definitely not my ideal weight. I lack motivation and definitely lack support, but I’m working on that!

But back to the girls! So talking to them, I found out that my nieces have done the Military Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Starvation and many other foolish things to lose weight. I was horrified because they are only 13 and 14!

I explained to them that those diets are only going to hurt their growing bodies, but I purposely brought this subject up to them because they are severely overweight. I know that my sister has always had a warped idea of how to lose weight. She’d drink only orange juice or drink water anytime she wanted to shed a few pounds. But as it always happens, she kept doing it and it stopped working, so she took more drastic measures. She went as far as injecting herself with HCG.

So the reason for this blog is so that people can be informed because we need to do better for our kids! There is so much crap we’re unloading onto them and it’s making them want to kill themselves or self-destruct in other ways. We have to do better for their sake!

We can’t throw all of our insecurities onto our children and expect them to deal with it like adults. Adults don’t know how to handle things much better either since they go and dump their frustration onto their children’s shoulders. But we have to learn to stop this destructive behavior so our kids don’t do it to their kids!

We can’t shame our kids into being our ideals of health and fitness. If we want them to be healthy and happy and grow up emotionally and physically strong, then we need to become that as well. The best way for kids to learn is by watching their parents.

So this blog is going to talk about real, good healthy choices, what’s bad about the quick fixes, how to be a fit family and how to build up our kids emotionally through motivation and things I find inspiring. We’ll also get into fun things to do as a family. They’ll not only get your butts moving, but it will only work to bring the family closer together.

So stay tuned. I’ll be posting every day for stuff that you can do with your family (not just girls)!